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Ginger Root Powder

  •  Due to supply chain issues, the containers originally chosen to ship out my herbs are still on the way. But in order to prevent delays for Sowen, I am giving you a 25% off discount on all herbs and will be shipping them sealed in paper bags with paper tape. All Herbs are sold in one ounce incriminates with the exception of bay leaves.


    In Future all herbs will come in incriminates of small, medium, or large and those quantities will be in Fluid Ounces. 2oz, 4oz, and 6oz. When ordering refills we will continue the spirit of paper bags refill options and give 25% off to anyone seeking a refill instead of using a metal tin.


    Truely Unique's Teas will also be shipped in paper bags until the containers come in. When the containers come in please note that their will be 2 different ways to order, in the tin or as a refill.

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