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  by Sahar Huneidi-Palmer
  This insightful guide will reveal the secrets of tarot and tarot reading in detail.
  From how to take care of your tarot cards to how to unlock your intuition when reading, this enthralling guide will appeal to anyone wanting to learn to read the cards or improve their readings. With plenty of information on the history of the tarot, the different types of card deck available, traditional and modern spreads to use, and methods of interpretation, this is an empowering look at the world of tarot, dispelling myths and developing the reader's skill in reading. This will become an essential reference tool for anyone interested in tarot.
  • A section on selecting and taking care of tarot cards
  • Practices to improve readings
  • Different spreads to use for different queries
  This informative book provides a wonderful introduction to tarot and makes a perfect gift.
  Pub Date: 2023
  Format: Hardback
  Pages: 128
  Size: 8.46 x 6.88 inches
  ISBN: 9781398824478

Book Of Tarot: A Spiritual Key to Understanding the Cards | default

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