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Made on On the Full Moon

Into the waxing Fertility Candles, Self Care Candles(Learning to Grow), +1 Battery Spell - Used to Power a spell when you're tired and Third Eye Candles - Used to help see spirits were Scribed.

Full Moon was at it' fullest around 6am September 29th and so the following Candles were made into the Waxing phase of the moon, Find a lost someone, Protect and Deflect from Evil, Self Care ( Letting Go), Looking for better Circumstances.


All Candles are scribed with theban or geomantic markings to ensure spell quality. The candles are then rolled in the herbs, dipped in wax, rolled again, and for the most part ready to go.  Please read the individual instructions for your spell. As there are little tips and tricks to help it become more personal to your circumstances.


Now for the warnings - Do Not Burn yourself, or your things down. Do not leave the candle unattended when lit Make sure it's secure in the candle holder before lighting.  Please use common sense. Also because we are in the state of NC, All magical items are to be sold as entertainment items only and contain no garuntee of magic working. Item is to be used as Novelty. 


Candle Spell Kit

Types of Spell
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