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These Steel Straws double as a spoon. Use the spoon to take your loose tea and honey and stir it in your tea, and use the straw to drink it without getting the loose tea in your mouth. If you don't like cleaning reusable tea bags then allow me to introduce you to loose tea drinking. Great for tea leaf readings. When your done you can swish the tea out in the garden with water. Five Colors 

Bombilla Straw

SKU: 3.64E+14
  • Please try not to buy products you're unsure of, I'm happy to answer any questions about the product but we are a small business. Anywho, If anything goes wrong, I'll try to make it right but I won't refund without a returned product. I can't afford return shipping, so that's on you, but you can also drop it off at our pickup location in Wilson NC. 

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