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  How to use timeless, sacred healing techniques
  by Suzanne Edwards
  The mysterious Aztec civilization has left us with sacred ideas and practices that are relevant to the modern reader, as revealed in this fascinating full-color hardback guide.
  From sacred sites to dreaming practices, Mexico City has been the center of some of the most magical of shamanic techniques. Examining these, and other traditions from South America, Suzanne passes on the knowledge that has been gifted to her over years of study with healers in Mexico. There are sections on the Aztec calendar and their system of astrology, as well as on plant teachers and Day of the Dead celebrations. Discover the importance of crystals such as jade and obsidian in Aztec culture and how they can be used today for similar purposes. From divination to healing, the wealth and depth of the wisdom of these ancient people is here in abundance.
  Pub Date: 2022
  Format: Hardback
  Pages: 160 pp.
  Size: 6.50 x 5.25 in
  ISBN: 9781398812949

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