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  Author Nixie Vale
  Foreword by Jasmine Moonsong
  Religion, spiritual practice, a moral code for living, the means to enhance and take control of your life: Wicca can be all of these things. Many misunderstand what it means to follow Wicca; yes it can involve ‘magic’ and the worship of the Horned God (along with the equally important Triple Goddess), but it is also a beautiful, life-enhancing way of living that venerates the cycles of nature and the seasons and promotes positive and constructive values. It is a relatively modern faith, dating back to the early twentieth century, and yet it draws on ancient beliefs grounded in nature.
  This unique and illuminating book will introduce you to the wonders of Wicca. Covering everything from the Wiccan deities and calendar to getting started with spellwork, natural healing and divination, and accompanied by magical and stunning contemporary artwork.
  Pub Date: 2020
  Format: Hardback
  Pages: 128
  Size: 8.25 x 9.25 in
  ISBN: 9781839641589

Wicca: Charms, Potions, Lore (Gothic Dreams) | default

SKU: 2201037
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