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Spice up your space with this elegant soap dispenser! The refillable dispenser holds up to 13.526 oz (400 ml) of soap, detergent, hand sanitizer, or even lotion! You can place it on a small table near your front door for quick sanitation as soon as you enter your home or for a fancy replacement for your bathroom or kitchen soap dispenser. No more plastic soap, sanitizer, or lotion bottles laying around — replace them with this cylinder-shaped glass bottle with a dimple pattern! The well-made silver plastic pump enables you to dispense a perfect amount of product with a single pump. The bottle measures approximately 2.95” in diameter and 7.48” tall. Comes packaged with a color sticker on the bottom.,400ml Dimple "Glass" Bottle with Pump,

Dimple Glass Pump Bottle

SKU: HX268
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